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Alice in Wonderland – outdoor theatre

What does the Dodo do?  Just how mad are the Hare and the Hatter?

What makes the Caterpillar Grumpy and the Hedgehog Prickly? Questions are answered and answers are questioned in this deceptively simple, yet highly original re-telling of the Lewis Carroll classic. Hold tight for rolling heads, rocketing sneezes, skimming plates and darting jam Tarts. Three actors, multiple characters and one classic story that’s high in energy, humour and audience participation………and all the while the Cheshire Cat grinned from ear-to-ear. Great for 4years and upwards. From The Cat’s Grin Theatre company and Kick in the Head Productions  A mad ending to our Through the Looking Glass Easter holiday Tickets £6 (7years and over – including adults), £4 for (3- 7year olds)