This is your chance to win £25,000 while supporting the Gardens!

What is the Community Lottery Fund

Birmingham Community Lottery directly supports local good causes and community initiatives.

Lotteries are an effective way for causes to raise much-needed funds in these difficult times.
By getting more people on board, they don’t just raise funds, they also raise awareness.

When you play Birmingham Community Lottery you know that 60% of your ticket price goes to good causes
(more than DOUBLE what the National Lottery gives) AND the money raised is going to good causes that benefit your local community.

  • £1 per Ticket

    Per week, with the chance of winning
    from £25 to the top prize £25,000

  • 60% to causes

    50% to your chosen cause and 10% to
    other causes in Birmingham.

  • Weekly Draws

    Draws every Saturday night. Match all
    6 numbers to win the JACKPOT!

  • Good Odds

    Just 9 numbers in the list!

About Us

We are a very tiny Trust with a really big responsibility to look after, and share, a unique green and
historic space in east Birmingham. The 40 acres of sublime formal Gardens and local Nature
Reserve are surrounded by fast roads and industrial landscapes.

We are passionate about sharing its beauty with people and caring for it for nature and wildlife.

As well as opening the spaces for visitors all year round, staff and volunteers run more than 100 activities and events :  from forest schools and wildlife walks to creative activities and culture:theatre, arts and music. We get people involved in caring for nature, improving their wellbeing and finding inspiration in history and beauty.

The Trust receives no regular funding support and works hard, in every way possible to raise the £1,000 per day per year that it

takes to maintain and share the nationally significant Grade 2* Gardens and landscape. 

We need your help so we can continue to keep this precious place for people.

Birmingham Community Lottery is such a great idea!

Our supporters like to act locally, with this lottery they can guarantee that their ticket purchase is a real investment, directly to us

AND they get a good chance of winning something back too.

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