Peter O'Connor aka anemoneprojectors from Stevenage, United Kingdom, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Wildflower Meadow Bank

We have been busy creating a Wildflower Meadow Bank in the Parkland!

The Parkland Team carefully prepared the soil by raking and removing any woody debris.

Then last week we scattered a mix of native grasses and wildflowers over this.

Lucky for us it has been a wet few weeks so the ground and conditions are perfect for sowing and growing new seeds!

Fingers crossed that over the next few weeks we will start to see shoots appear as they seeds grow.

This will be a real delight for pollinating insects who rely on wildflowers to survive. What can we expect to see?

Some of the Wildflowers:

CornCockle, CornFlower, Corn Marigold,

Corn Poppy, Ox-Eye Daisy, Red Campion,

White Campion &  Yarrow

as well as these low competition grasses: Meadow Fescue, Smooth Staked Meadow Grass, Crested Dogstail, Sheeps Fescue, Creeping Red Fescue


The plants should start flowering from around the end of July, depending on growing conditions such as warmth and rain. Flowering should continue until about the beginning of November subject to early frosts.


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