Actinidia kolomikta

It’s out and showing off its chameleon like habits!

This scrambling vine has graced the courtyard for quite a few years. It happily climbs the height of our lovely walls and has a strange habit of changing colour as it grows… white and pink in almost random proportion and then into green. 2 years ago it was hard pruned, lest year’s show was meagre.. but this year!!! And we are not there to see it :-((

Actinidia kolomikta was collected by Charles Maries (a local boy from Hampton Lucy in Warwickshire!) from Sapporo in Japan in 1878… which is why it’s in our courtyard and not in the main Garden – ‘wrong period’ we love the Victorians, but our dates are 1680s -1760s.

Here also is a wonderful drawing by Jeni Neale of the Birmingham Society of Botanical Artists – a big thank you to her for her permission to share the drawing.



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