Pokemon… come home

All day event – with extra lures

Twenty culturally specific organisations, societies and places of worship located around central and inner Birmingham are opening their doors for seven hours of end-to-end Pokémon lures at their own Screenshot_2016-09-05-15-55-46Pokéstops from 10am-5pm, this Saturday 10th September. Visit ’em all and see what else you can find! 


Whether you’re a fan or not, the Garden’s have been welcoming lots of new people exploring the outdoor spaces around our gates.

They’re all playing the online fantasy gaming programme, Pokemon: It’s a bit like playing conkers and collecting train numbers with good graphics!  The game is dependent on players being physically close to a number of ‘Pokéstops’ where they can, via their smartphones, virtually capture more Pokemon ‘beasts’.

All the Pokéstops are mapped, via GPS,  on cultural and public venues.

Because here in Castle Bromwich, we are rich in cultural heritage sites we have, around our perimeter,  at least 6 pokéstops and a ‘poke gym’.  Hence the groups who wander here at all times of day and night.

They’re a great crowd, welcoming  and supporting each other; some have beautifully decorated a fallen branch and they chivvy others to take home their litter. In return for their lively presence we offer free wifi and power sockets in our Cafe…..

But what about the Gardens?

Pokemon-GoThe players are here for the game, not the Gardens, but of course through visiting sites we hope they are liking the outdoor life and our heritage.

All over the city this Saturday (Sept 10th) we and other cultural venues will be taking part in a special event where we will be creating extra ‘lures’ at our sites;  more creatures will be at our Pokéstops .

The event has been organised by the StillWalking festival people, who
encourage exploring all aspects of our city , on foot. The challenge for this event will be to collect as many new creatures as they can. To encourage them further we  have a special entry price to lure the players in through our gates too.

For those who can show their onscreen Pokémon avatar, the entrance to the Garden on Saturday is £2 (under 16s £1 – must be accompanied by an adult)….

Why not get up close to the Pokéstops and the Pokégym, sit on a bench and breathe in the atmosphere

Here are the other places taking part – we’re in great company

The Edge                                                            
79-81 Cheapside, Digbeth B12 0QH

Masjid Usman (12pm-3pm)
53-55 Shireland Rd, Smethwick B66 4RQ              SW festival

Polish Millennium House
Bordesley St, Digbeth B5 5PH

Parish Church of All Saints Small Heath
172 Herbert Rd, Small Heath B10 0PR

Church of St Alban and St Patrick
Conybere St, Highgate B12 0YH

Central Mosque (10am-3pm)
180 Belgrave Middleway, Highgate B12 0XS

Castle Bromwich Gardens (12.30pm-5pm)
Chester Rd, Castle Bromwich B36 9BT

Public Space

Multifaith Peace Garden
Granville St, Birmingham B1 1SB

Beorma Bridge
Gooch St, Highgate B5 7HY


Café Soya (12pm-late)
The Arcadian, Digbeth, Birmingham B5 4TD






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