• Glynis Powell says:

      will try … our remaining working gardener is doing a good job trying to keep the gardens trim on just a few hours…We’re tempted to give the hogs names. 🙂

    • Glynis Powell says:

      it is cheeky isn’t it… its getting in the habit of that. The hut is a ‘toblerone’ shape made of corex. It was supplied to us by the Hedgehog project that was run by Warwickshire Wildlife Trust. We helped them with surveying and identification work and these little pyramid huts collect ‘footprints’ as they toddle in to eat the food placed inside. We were able to get lots of footprints from a variety of critters all over the Gardens … lots of volunteers and families got involved too..you can find out more here https://www.hedgehogstreet.org/footprint-tunnels/. When (!) we are able to get into the Gardens early, we often see families of foxes on the archery lawn.

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