Tulips for twenty twenty … one

Our beautiful tulips and flowers are blooming away in the Gardens – with only the songbirds to see them.
Everyone will be hit hard this year, one way or another.

But gardening is always about investing in hope for the future.
Although we cannot share our signature displays of tulips and blossoms this year, we want to lift hearts and souls for Spring 2021 and plan for superdooper plantings now.

As a tiny charitable Trust we will have lost over 45% of our annual income from being closed this year, so we have launched this Fundraiser to ask for your help to renew our bulb stock.

We recycle and re-use our bulbs where we can, but they have a limited life, if we order new bulbs this summer our volunteers can mass plant them in early Autumn – a joyful return to work in the gardens for them!

Many horticultural businesses and local nurseries have also suffered massive

losses, with some having been forced to cease trading.

So, any order we make to our suppliers will also be helping them stay afloat.  In a ‘normal’ year we start ordering our spring bulbs in midsummer, but without your help we will not be able to commit to that cost.


So many people are living day to day during lockdown, we’d like to invest in a hopeful future so when we emerge  on the ‘other side’ there will be beauty to see next Spring.  Thank you

You can donate any amount HERE on our JustGiving Campaign page




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