A bit of Castle Bromwich Hall Garden History


Just the other day over on our Facebook Page, North Arden Local History Society left a post for us with this photograph.

This is Peter Clarke, first head gardener at Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens in 1985, the year the gardens reopened. The Photograph from the Birmingham Mail…

I wonder. Does anyone remember the gardens back then? Do you have photos you could share with us?


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  1. John H O Bridgeman says:

    You ask for photographs of the garden and i will happily e-mail to you one that i have that was probably taken in the 1920s. I could also e-mail a watercolour of the house and part of the garden that was painted by my grandmother, whose home it was until her death in August 1936. That painting appears on the front and the spine of the dust cover to my book “I Remember it Well”.
    The first quarter of that book is taken up by my grandmother’s diaries and include a two pages description of the history of the house and garden including mention of The Castle Bromwich Hall Garden Trust. I could also enclose a flyer for the book and would be delighted to sell copies to you at a generous discount.

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