• Glynis Powell says:

      thanks for your patience. None of us wanted to have to do this and we don’t have the finances to buy in an expensive system. Ive spent the whole week on my own trying to develop the system and testing it. Unfortunately it has still not happened smoothly. Tell me what you wanted to book and Ill try to help.

  1. D Mackinnon says:

    e are trying to book 2 members tickets for Saturday 6th

    we are trying to book 2 members tickets for saturday6th
    no/0038 /0060
    been trying for a while but seem to be going round in circles!

    • Glynis Powell says:

      please book for 4 tickets- just so we know how many people are coming into the Gardens. If it wont let you … just book the one. The technology is struggling a bit- sorry

  2. Graham High says:

    Hi Glynis. I just booked 2 tickets for Sunday. All seemed to go through fine. I thought you might need the feedback. Stay safe!

    All the best

    Graham. 🙂

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