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Time to shop…

The high street is opening…

If that urge to shop is strong, we have some lovely goodies in our shop you may not find elsewhere.

…And of course you can feel good about buying from the Gardens because every purchase helps the charity survive for another day to preserve and keep the Gardens open.

Jams and pickles

All our jams and pickles are homemade – with love – by our volunteers. There is a whole range to choose from.

Rhubarb and Ginger and Rhubarb and Fig New in this week uses the rhubarb from the Gardens – who’d’ve guessed a bumper crop this year!

Also maturing nicely is our  Tongue Tickle Chilli Pickle. It is said that once you’ve tasted a cheese sarnie with Tongue Tickle, you’ll never eat another cheese sarnie without it.


Sending a word of support, thanks or greetings through the post has become- once again – ‘a thing’ in these zooming days.

We have a small selection of the most lovely cards, including 4 seasonal views of the Gardens. These cards benefit more than one charity; us and the NGS  (National Gardens Scheme) nursing charities.

New in this season too are cards by the, until recently local, artist Ruth Green. Each has a charmingly simple and direct graphic of your favourite animal…

Our little shop in the Orangery also has a range of beeswax goods and honey produced locally, a small range of good quality affordable toys. We hope as the season progresses to increase our range.

We have lost the use of the visitor centre for now, but we love our new space in the Orangery .. .come and browse.



a little edgy…

A second week of lockdown begins – oops no, it’s the third week!

It promises to be a sunny week, which means the flowers and grass will be growing apace. Our Gardeners manage a brief rota of getting in the Gardens from time to time to look over things, making sure things are safe and sound. We all look forward to the photos they share with us.

With such a large lawn and lots of grassed paths in the Upper and Lower Wilderness areas it is no surprise that we normally spend such a lot of time using the ride-on and electric mowers. Although we love the flowers, the grass and its trim precise edges and borders are a major part of what gives the Gardens their style and look. We have been reliant over the years on a few lovely volunteers who absolutely love to wield the long-handled lawn edging shears and the halfmoon cutter. Without their patience and precision our 17th century formality would disappear.

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