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Harvest and Apple Day

A day to celebrate all the good things nature has brought us…our apple harvest is in, our pumpkins still going…

Join us to see how well the harvest has been this year… will the hot summer and lack of rain mean less food? How have the plants and animals fared and is there store enough to last the winter?

Whatever the weather we will, this Sunday, be having fruit and veg displays,  apple and juice tasting, family crafts and other entertainments.

Jacaranda recorder ensemble will soothe our troubled brow with appropriate tunes and airs.

Cakes will be consumed, jam will be jarred,  faces will be painted and pumpkins will be found.

Bring any apples from your own trees or have harvested from trees on common land. Have a go at crushing them here and take away the really fresh taste (Bring a bottle to fill with your own juiced apples. )

A day of sharing, swopping recipes, sharing cooking secrets and making. 

More activities confirmed nearer the date


Normal entry prices

(RHS and Garden Members £3.50)